Planets on the ceiling – Christmassy winter veg


Planets on the ceiling

My favourite part of today. Fixing pictures of planets on the ceiling of the playroom in my daughter’s house. They’re all the right colours and (roughly the right sizes. You can put them in the right order and put in the asteroid belt and comets and stars …very cool ! Those kiddies may not grow up to be very good footballers, but they’re gonna know a thing or two about the Universe !! Tee hee ! Funny how much we are products of what’s available to us as children. But then … sometimes we just get a passion out of nowhere ! Right ?

Christmassy Winter veg

Wow ! Yummy Christmassy Winter veg from Deliciously Ella – Jerusalem artichokes, roast spuds, kale, coconut rice, wild mushrooms …. and no need for a piece of dead bird in the middle of it. Start planning your cruelty free, turkey-free Christmas now. You can do it ! You will feel much better ! I would never go back.