There are times when you really want to reach out and thrust something illuminating in people’s hands …. not just the converted … the people who already have seen the light, and care about their fellow creatures, but the rest of the population, who presumably scurry around, worrying about money and power, and where their next thrill is coming from.

Well, forgive me, but this is one of those times.

I’m sure the Magazine Resurgence is not flying off the bookshelves as fast as Motoring Weekly, or Hunting and Shooting for All, but it would be nice if it outsold them all. Because this magazine has taken on the job of communicating the need for change in our attitudes at the very highest level. We need everyone in the UK to see this magazine. Maybe we should make sure it’s lying conspicuously on the tables in our Doctor’s waiting room – or in the Dentist’s, or the Hairdresser’s.

Well, the current (March/April) issue of Resurgence is called ‘Animals: A New Ethics’ and features articles on animals in every situation … contributors include Virginia McKenna and myself, but the scope is very wide indeed. Not all of it is glum – there are great stories of rescues of all kinds, and initiatives which are at this minute saving suffering, and giving a decent life to many creatures whose needs were previously ignored. But of course the collection of articles highlights the desperate need for a change in attitude across the board.

I hope RESURGENCE comes to be read by millions.

Here is where you can find out about it.


Dr. Bri