Shamwari – a place of dreams


Here’s a glimpse of Shamwari – the incredible Animal Reserve of Born Free.

We’re up at 5.30 am, so, though I would happily sit up all night and process all these stereo pics of the wonderful animals we’re enjoying meeting here …

I think, in the interests of being awake tomorrow, I’ll have to settle for a couple.

Here’s Mr Warthog … the first animal we saw on checkin in … he’s wandered into the grassy reception area, and nobody bats an eyelid ….

We like the warthogs a lot …

Wart Hog - stereo

What are we doing here ? Holidaying ? Well, not quite. We’re working on the launch of Virginia McKenna’s Year of the Lion …. a project to try to save Africa’s remaining lions. All will become clear as time goes on … but we’re hoping to help the project in a number of ways.

Almost all the animals we’ve encountered here were rescued from lives of misery, and are now living in freedom under open skies. It’s so moving to see these beautiful creatures living the rest of their days the way Nature intended them to …. free from walls, free from cages, free from abuse. Free is a very powerful word. Every animal has a right to freedom. Born Free has worked miracles.

OK … here is a king. He’s called Brutus. Can you look into his eyes and tell him it’s OK for his kind to become just a memory on this planet ?

Brutus the Lion