A terrible new threat to London’s foxes


The news just seems to get more and more awful in London.

Just when we were thinking that the Foxes Live programme had shown people the truth about foxes … and how very harmless and worthy of respect they are ..

…. along comes this appalling attack from 82 very ignorant and vindictive people (if we believe the report) who all apparently want London’s foxes to be slaughtered. This sad collection of complaints about ‘gangs of foxes’ in Westminster was actually put together by the LEADER of the LABOUR PARTY – Mr Dimoldenberg. It’s almost unbelievable – it goes against everything the Labour party stands for.

What is wrong with these people?

Well, here is Boris’s deputy, no less – on the basis of what 82 people out of 8 million in London say – announcing that his PRIORITY will be to deal with the “Urban Fox Problem”.

If you are as disgusted as we are – and you want to see London’s wild animals treated decently …. Please take action and get all your friends to do the same.

SIGN THE new PETITION to save our urban foxes. And please tell Boris how you feel, and the deputy with the gun – Kit Malthouse. My thanks to Chris Gale for the information reproduced below.


Here is the awful story.


Extra nonsense at link below…


Please send a polite e mail to Councillor Dimoldenberg to express your views and remind him that the Labour party is supposed to be about decency, compassion and progressive ideals. It is not meant to be about persecuting and killing wild animals with which we share our environment. There are numerous humane ways of deterring foxes and ways to foster co-existence. Instead of knee-jerk reactions the leader of the Labour group on Westminster Council should be leading the way in helping people peacefully co-exist with our wildlife.

E-mail: pdimoldenberg@westminster.gov.uk

Please also sign the petition below:


Many thanks


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