New OWLS fly !


New OWL V2

From 14 August, Version 2 OWLS – the update of the London Stereoscopic Company OWL stereoscope – will now be available through the website. We are launching it on-line, along with the two new sets of cards – two sets of vintage QUEEN images, featuring Freddie, Roger, Brian and John on tour in the early days.

The new version features a wider aperture in the backplate – as suggested by Stereo World editor John Dennis. This makes no difference to the OWL’s performance in viewing stereo cards, but it enables the viewer to cover the whole area of larger format cards when they are illustrated life-size in book and magazines. Usually these are cards made much later than the “Scenes in Our Village” and “Diableries” cards … for instance Keystone Views, and Underwood and Underwood, and many 21st century stereo pairs now being offered. So the OWL now covers more formats than ever.

Also now available through the website are the two new sets of QUEEN stereo cards which we previewed at Hammersmith and at the recent National Stereoscopic Association convention in Costa Mesa, and they went very well ! We hope you’ll enjoy. I personally spent many hours reclaiming the images from ancient 35mm Stereo Realist slides, which I got various professional photographers to take, in the Old Days.



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