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Hurry up

STEREOSCOPY IS GOOD FOR YOU !!! Well, this is the day after the deadline for entries – but if you have a stereo that is just screaming to you that it must be included in the book – please DO e-mail it to Because we will be sifting and polishing the contents of this new book for quite a while yet !!

I’m excited – the quality of the images is amazing. Stereography is alive and well in the New Roaring Twenties !!!

And thanks Amateur Photographer Magazine for your help in the project !!!

REMEMBER ! Please attach some kind of caption for your stereo picture. It can be what the scene shows, or how you felt while taking the picture – or what it means to you now. Or … poetry that applies or … anything !!! And I should add that this book is not JUST about festive photos – it’s about anything which is the product of the strange era of Covid 19 – in which we all turned to new ways of expressing ourselves. If in doubt – send it anyway ! We’re casting the net as wide as we can. We’ll be looking at all the lovely stereos which have already appeared on the LSC social media – plus we’ve all been pitching in with suggestions based on works that have caught our eye out there over the last 2 years. We already have waaaaay more great pictures than will fit in the book – but the quality and scope of it can only get more and more astounding ! THANKS !!

OK – just once more to be clear ….

1) It’s NOT just festive slides we’re looking for – but anything that has got you inspired during the last couple of years.
2) Submit as many as you want – within reason – but bear in mind we won’t be able to use more than a couple from any one person.
3) If you haven’t supplied any words to go with the pictures, we will probably come back to you by e-Mail if we include it. So no worries.
4 ) How will the book look ? That will evolve when we get seriously into the design.
5) What is the concept ? Basically “nice stereos created in the lockdown years”.
6) Do I need to send prints ? No – send them digitally by e-Mail.

Sorry some of you are getting ‘e-Mail box full’ messages. Nicole tells me she IS getting the messages. OK ?

Brian May - stereo photo entires

Bri X