100,000 signatures - thank you


Brian says: “Don’t Stop Us Now !!!” Please keep spreading the word.


You made it happen. In an amazing two weeks we have hit the 100,000 mark in the petition.

Thanks so much to all of you who worked so hard out there to raise awareness.

Huge thanks on behalf of ALL the members of TEAM BADGER, from the RSPCA, to IFAW to Badger Trust, to Humane Society … Network for Animals, Care for the Wild International, Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting, Viva, Born Free, Stroud 100, David Shepherd Wildlife Trust. Animal Aid, The League, Conservatives Against the Cull and RETHINK bovine TB.

ALL of us who appear as icons on our new billboard.

You Facebooked, you E-mailed, you Tweeted … you went out and talked to people … and you SPOKE UP against the killing.

And we have made a massive statement. So I want to pause for a full 5 minutes and celebrate !!

Then we must return to the fight, because badgers are at this minute still scheduled to be killed any day now in the name of this Government and the NFU.

We fully expect the Government to resist even allowing a debate on the issue, so we can in no sense relax.

Our case gets stronger every time a new signature appears on that petition … so please keep pushing …

A million Signatures represents a million votes in the next election !! A million thanks – and ONWARDS !


100,000 signatures

Billboard update

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