Feels Like Home – Kings Daughters – Badgers


Feels Like Home Sung by Kerry Ellis – the best ever lockdown performance ? I’ve been intending to post this for a long time – I was planning to be clever and put some guitar on it, while I was doing my ‘micro-concerts’ every night soon after lockdown happened early this year. But then I got hit by a succession of painful things and the moment passed. I actually think it’s best if I leave it alone anyway … for now … because, to me, this homespun performance by my dear old pal Kerry is the very pinnacle of all the attempts to power through the days of isolation and quarantine, just as it is. (If you agree, tell her !)

Mostly those videos (including mine) were makeshift, done in jeans and T-shirts with bad lighting and indifferent sound. But Kerry, with no help at all, fixed up perfect lighting, perfect sound, plus she looks and sounds a million dollars – just as if she were at the London Palladium instead of in her kitchen ! And this is raw – no production on her voice – no effects, no auto tune – just perfection in a moment. It’s a song from her recent album (visit www.kerryellis.com to get one) – written by the great Randy Newman – maybe the only out-and-out love song he ever wrote – and, to me, one of the greatest love songs ever written. If you agree, write and tell him so ! Pretty sure he’s on IG.

I’m very much hoping to do some new work with Kerry soon. Meanwhile … enjoy ! And if you want to see the whole concert that night, it’s on YouTube.

I had a great (social distancing) visit last week. Expect a big announcement from Kings Daughters today !!!

Brian and Talia Dean

Can’t get these beautiful creatures off my mind tonight. I feel powerless. As Save-Me, we have always been a-political – we respect decent members of parliament of all political colours, but somehow this utterly heartless government has to go. A change of government would save thousands of badgers, and ultimately thousands of cattle too. Boris Johnson and his cronies already have too much blood on their incompetent hands. Perhaps a miracle will happen.

Brian and Badger by Dwayne Senior
© Dwayne Senior

An announcement !!!! Warning ! This is a monster single !!!

Dancing In The Rain - Kings Daughters