Another thank you – and many things…



Hello dear folks.

Just checking in. I get so little time to write these days – the campaign to save the badgers has become pretty much a full-time job for me – and really not the job I wanted in life.

But so many of you are pitching in and being so supportive. I just wanted to say thanks again.

Your reactions to the ‘The Yelling Farmer” on the Titchmarsh Show have been very encouraging. (See HERE.) He seems to have done his own cause a lot of damage by behaving so badly … and, as many of you have said, it’s good that people finally got to see the kind of mentality we are really up against.

The Petition is still growing – I’m amazed how much is going on out there … because every day these are not just the same people ‘voting’ – which would be impressive enough … every day NEW people are going to the trouble of clicking those buttons and filling in the form on the Government website, putting on record how they feel about the imminent killing of so many wonderful animals.

We do get news from various quarters, and it’s not at all clear whether all the conditions will be met for the cull to go ahead. But the NFU is still talking confidently to its members – absolutely relishing the thought of finally getting their own way, and going on this incredibly pointless and vindictive killing spree. As you saw on Titchmarsh, many of the farmers are not the kind of people who can listen to logical arguments … they are utterly convinced that they know best – after all, they have been ‘in the field’ for years, so how could anyone presume to tell them what to do. But the sad truth is that they have been doing it for years, but they are now failing … and the attitude of ‘we will not change’ is exactly the attitude which may cause the death of the Farming industry. This is not what any of us wanted. But what would we ‘townies’ know?

We have a healthy and growing number of badger-friendly farmers now, and our friends at TB Rethink are putting together a new website for them to rally. It’s been so hard for enlightened farmers to stand up and be counted … they have so much fear of ridicule and ostracisation from their pro-cull colleagues. But now they will be able to be sure that they are not alone. These are the new wave thinkers in Farming. They advocate better conditions for the animals they breed, and decent treatment of the wildlife that surrounds them. It may take a while, but they must be the winners in the end. We thank them for their courage.

And – yes there is still, even in the midst of these horrors …. music.

I will be on the road with KERRY to make some beautiful music in November … I’ve been rediscovering my love for the acoustic guitar .. and we have been working hard on new arrangements. Somehow the songs speak louder than ever with very simple treatments. When you have a great singer, who doesn’t need to embroider for the sake of it, but just speaks from the heart … the more subtle and empathetic the accompaniment is, the more the beauty comes through. Well, so it seems to me. Kerry still has a couple of nights left in her week at the Hippodrome in London – you might still get a ticket if you’re quick, for these very intimate nights … and … well, you never know who might turn up to play with her … ! Her last night is this Saturday. You have been warned!!

On a different subject … yes, I am still working hard on the Diableries (though it’s been hard to keep making the time available). We will have our first set of Diableries STEREO CARDS hopefully for Halloween! This has been hard labour, but very exciting in itself. The cards WILL have magic eyes, not in the same way as the 1860s originals … but by a process which nobody has thought of before! We think you will love them!

One more word on the Petition. Please do keep telling everyone you meet about the fate of the badgers. I still meet countless people who still have no idea that it’s going on … and they are outraged when they hear about it. I just keep saying ‘please go to and press the button. If we all get even 5 new people every day, we’ll eventually get to the whole population … and the people DO care. We just passed the number 3 live petition on the site … another milestone. It would be great, in a week or so, to overtake the other two, and be the top petition on the site. We might just do it. It will all help us get the issue debated in Parliament.

so … again …. a million … THANKS!!