Oh .. you know, you almost have to laugh. At a time when the NFU is desperately trying to convince the public it is justified in wholesale slaughter of our native badgers, it’s so transparently obvious that here we have another pathetic ploy to blacken the name of Badgers.There is only one reason for the decline of hedgehogs, apart from the gradual erosion of their habitiat by building. Poisons.

In the countryside, it’s a number of poisons used in agriculture – nobody cares. In the towns, it’s slug pellets … one of Man’s most awful and senseless inventions.

Slug pellets don’t just poison snails and slugs and give them an agonising death. They poison everything else that eats these unfortunate creatures. Birds, of course, and hedgehogs, along with many other small mammals that used to populate our islands.

There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that numbers of badgers are on the increase. Or that that they have suddenly ‘developed a taste’ for hedgehogs. Why would that be ? Are hedgehogs suddenly peanut-flavoured?

But basically it is a lot worse than nonsense. It’s clumsy propaganda designed to strengthen the case of those who are obsessed with killing badgers, whether or not it achieves anything good in the world. Which it absolutely will not.

Chip paper.