Diableries are rockin on …


To happier matters.

We had a publishing update meeting Friday for our Diableries book. It’s all looking good.

Here is Jamie, our illustrious designer, examining test proofs from various printers, to determine which way we go.

Designer Symond

The quality of the printing has to be very high, because those stereos will be viewed with an OWL … under a lot of magnification.

So the resolution has to be much better even than in the average high-quality art book.

We have handed the texts over for proofing now, and the restored images are almost all ready. So we are full steam ahead.

Diableries team

Almost the full Diableries team. Denis Pellerin (co author), Jamie Symonds (designer), Bri (co-author), Robin Rees (publisher). Missing is Paula Fleming (co-author) who is currently preparing to face a massive hurricane in Annandale, Virginia. We wish her and all folks over there, best of luck.


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