House of Commons Badger Day


It’s a big day for me tomorrow … and a big day for Team Badger – trying to stop the killing of British Badgers.

Tomorrow we have a meeting of ministers who are interested in a debate in the House on the issue of the Badger Cull. I have personally invited every MP in Parliament, and we’ve had a great response … so the room is going to be pretty full, it seems. Nothing like a sold-out house !

We have all our 4 leaders for the debate already confirmed. They will take our cause into the Commons in the debate, which we HOPE we will get in Parliament in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be able to tell you who they are tomorrow after our meeting. They are from Conservative, Labour, LibDem, and Green – a true cross-party initiative.

We also have, as of now 26 MPs committed to support the motion, and we hope sign up others tomorrow.

All I can say is … who knows what the outcome of all this will be.

But we go in there not only with the support of every scientific expert on TB in the country, and the support of every animal charity and NGO …

but also with the support of 155,000 of you … the people of Britain.

THANK YOU. We will try to be worthy of your support.

I believe we are in the right … no question. So we have to win in the end.