Tweeting !!!


 Hey folks !

Dr Bri here. Well, I finally took the plunge. On the eve of British Badger Day I opened up my beak and tweeted.

So – if you are visiting as a result of twittering around, I can answer the first question – is this me ?

Well, since you’re reading this on my ‘home’ page … Bri’s Ancient Soapbox, I think you can now be fairly sure that it is I, Bri.

I am tweeting. Well, learning !

I’m sure, even if I get drawn into regular tweeting, this Soapbox will always be the place I stand, making a noise about issues that I feel need urgent attention, spreading unusual information about Music, Astronomy and Stereoscopy and other oddities, and, these days, fighting for the right of wild animals to live in our country in peace.

Please, if you tweet with me, occasionally take a moment to visit this page, and the other delights that my redoubtable Web-Lady offers on | @BrianMayCom

AND …. right now …. please make sure, if you care about our badgers, or the wild animals that your grandchildren will be able to enjoy …

Click here to go to … where there is a big button to press, which will take you to the Government’s own website.

There you will see my petition … to STOP THE AWFUL TRAGEDY OF THE BADGER CULL.

Please sign up, and then tweet to everybody in the Universe to do the same ! OK ? I thank you most sincerely.

Cheers !


P.S. We will be hopefully linking up so my tweets appear here too … but for the time being, I’m happy to ‘freewheel’ for a while to see what happens.