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Est-ce Qu’il ya quelqu’un … ? ? ?

Diableries are coming

We are on track for the publishing of our revolutionary book on the little French Devils of the 1850s …. DIABLERIES ! It is a full-scale stereoscopic tome with an OWL included, produced to the quality of ‘A Village Lost and Found’. The research and writing for it has taken over three years, but that was really just the culmination of three lifetimes of enquiries. It’s unique ! And a little scary ! We’re all excited. Our publisher in the UK, in the English language, is Carlton … who have done a great job for us on the Queen books recently. In fact, it is a joint publishing venture with my own London Stereoscopic Company.

But the book cries out to be published in French too, of course. And Denis has already finished the French translation. 

The thing is … sadly … our negotiations with French publishers have come to nothing. We do not seem to be able to find a French publisher who appreciates the importance of this work as a piece of art, or as an insight into a forgotten, and highly significant, piece of French History.

IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE who can help us ?

Cheers ! Bri

(et Merci Beaucoup !)

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