Bri feeling peachy after knee op – New life !!!


Hi dear Soapbox Folks

Just thought I’d tell you I am feeling peachy. The keyhole operation already feels like a miracle.

My amazing knee man, Professor Haddad, came in to chat to me after the op. He said that, once he was inside the knee joint, he discovered that I had had a badly ruptured meniscus which was folded over on itself. So no wonder it was giving me constant pain, restricting movement of the ‘hinge’, not responding to any treatment, and filling up with fluid … my body was trying to eject it!

Just the absence of that nagging pain tonight feels like new life. I am so grateful.

So I’ll be out there dancin’! (kidding!)

I’m already walking just fine with no sticks or supports. The bit of bruising I have from the op feels like nothing compared with what I’ve had for the last year or so. Phew. This may even make me less grumpy !

Thanks for all the great messages … you guys are so kind to old Rock Stars !

Onwards !



Brian after knee operation
Brian after knee operation
Brian's own photo - posted by Contact Music
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Can’t believe Contact Music put their own copyright on my picture which they stole off Twitter!!!

We’ll see about that. Very bad behavour, which they will NOT get away with!!



Ah, well, I guess if the op made me less grumpy, it didn’t take away my fighting spirit! ha ha. I will be needing that !
And by the way, the op was today, not Monday.

Queen – Brian May Undergoes Knee Surgery
04 December 2012

Picture: Brian May posted this image on Twitter with the caption:…
Brian May Undergoes Knee Surgery

Queen star Brian May is recovering after undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his knee.
The guitarist went under the knife on Monday (03 Dec12) to repair a “ripped cartilage and other stuff” and he took to on Tuesday (04 Dec 12) to let fans and followers know he was fine – and to thank them for their good wishes.
He wrote, “I’m out! Alive and almost kickin’!!! Hi folks… thanks so much for your good wishes!! Thanks for all the advice folks – and the sympathy – love the sympathy! Ha ha! I’ll soon be kickin’ that can. All over the place.”
May also posted a photograph of himself in hospital sporting a bandage on his leg.