Need for a new knee


Thought this might make you smile, folks. I dedicated my old knee to Mount Teide. It has done good service.

I need a new one, and my lovely surgeon is going to oblige, tomorrow morning. So here’s a last look.

Knee and Mount Teide

Here’s a more sensible 3-D view … of one of the most inspiring places I have seen in this world. You can see there was some ‘Kalima’ … the dust that gets blown in from the Sahara desert every now and then. It makes everything look a little misty, and makes the setting Sun look yellow. So my view of the stars was not perfect. But still very beautiful.

Misty view of Teide

These stereos were done sequentially using the 3D Camera app for iPhone.

For tips in 3-D viewing, see HERE.

Oh … the stars ? Here they are … Mount Teide, The Universe, and a small visitor burning up in our atmosphere.

Mount Teide, The Universe
Mount Teide, The Universe – CLICK image for larger

Thanks for the good luck messages. I go in 6.30am tomorrow for knee replacement. Later !

Cheers all