Sir Patrick – A quiet goodbye


We had the small private cremation for Patrick today, in Chichester. It was very sad, of course, but with all Patrick’s dearest friends there, it was also very warm, moving and uplifting. It had to be private, sadly, or it would have become unmanageable, but we are hoping to mount a full-scale tribute to him in the New Year, in which everyone can participate.

In line with Patrick’s express wishes, we then consumed a goodly amount of drink and food at his beloved Farthings, his home for so many years, exchanged many a great story and reminiscence, and performed a secret ceremony according to Patrick’s instructions. It was a day none of us will ever forget. We all felt so lucky to have been in Patrick’s world, on Patrick’s planet. I know that there are thousands of his devotees out there who feel the same – you only have to look at the wonderful tributes on the PM Tribute web page …

Hopefully we will find ways to acknowledge the love that has been shown, and make the very best of Patrick’s truly amazing legacy.

Once again, my respects and thanks to Patrick’s devoted carer team, led by Julia Knight. And thanks to the Royal British Legion, Selsey Branch, who formed up for a salute, as the small procession made its way through Selsey.

The very British rain poured steadily down on the whole thing … but, blissfully, not a single Press photographer appeared.

Every one of the friends present had honoured their promise to keep this day dignified and private.

Sir Patrick's last journey

Thank you Patrick, for so much.


Patrick Moore funeral