Daily Mail pro-hunting article sinks to new depths


This article is a disgusting and pathetic attempt to smear a great organisation, the RSPCA, doing what its charter says it is there to do – protect animals from cruelty. You all should be ashamed. The funniest bit of your article is the bit that says, “Did the video … merely catch the very natural behaviour of hounds doing what hounds do?” You HAVE to be joking, right? Stop the deceit. Stop the cruelty. The game is up. Fox-hunting is dead. The times they are a-changing.

We must support the RSPCA in their campaign to end blood sports. It’s actually scandalous that they have to fund prosecutions of law-breaking animal abusers. Can you imagine if the RSPCC had to fund the prosecution of child abusers? Yet, because this Government is pro-cruelty, the only way any check on those who flout the law is if these private prosecutions are brought. Gavin Grant is a man of phenomenal courage and conviction. By taking a stand against the fox hunts who are routinely breaking the law, he has given the RSPCA a new power. It’s important we voice our support. Some day we will have a government which cares about decency. Until then, we need to RSPCA to be empowered to fight the good fight, no matter how much it costs.


The RSPCA and a cruel abuse of your generosity

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