A nice kind of Hell


Well, folks, I had another day in Hell …

Well, the rather colourful and even jolly version of Hell which is the world of the Diableries.

What the Hell am I talking about?

This is the series of stereoscopic adventures from the 1860s I’ve been working on resurrecting for the last 3 years or so, with my colleagues – Denis Pellerin and Paula Fleming.

It’s devilishly demanding.

I’d estimate that between us we have put 3,000 hours into this project. And if you were to try to buy the original of every card that we are channelling into the 21st century, it would probably cost you around 100,000 dollars, at the prices they now fetch on the Internet – if you can find them at all. And it all has a lot to do with this man ….

Anybody know who he is?

Anyone know who he is?

Tell ya later !

But you might find the odd clue on the Londonstereo.com website … ! Well, don’t spend hours on it because we know who he is … but … maybe tell me what kind of a man you think he was ? A man you’d trust ?


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