Stereos from space – live !!!


I’ve been in Twiter contact with Commander Chris Hadfield who is currently orbiting the Earth, 230 miles up, in the International Space Station.

Amazed by his great photos of the Earth’s surface, I asked him if he would take some sequential groups of shots for me to try to assemble into stereo photos. He just sent me the first lot. AMAZING !

How lucky am I ? It’s late and I ought to be getting some sleep – but I had to plunge in and see if I could assemble a quick stereo pair. Here it is !!

You guys who can free-view will enjoy. and if it’s not something you’ve ever done – please visit or press this link – to see how it’s done.

You have to see this in 3-D !

Stereo from space

You can see incredible detail – lava flows, peaks and chasms. Even a small wisp of cloud (or is it erupting material?) above the snow-capped peak. Amazing !

Cheers Bri

AND BIG THANKS CHRIS !!! – and his son EVAN.