A stereo view of the ‘New’ New York


In homage to New York … here’s a few images from our brief stay. There wasn’t much spare time.

Here’s my hyperstereo of the new Freedom Tower – apparently more correctly, officially, called 1WTC – though I imagine the other name will triumph by will of the people. I don’t know how many stereo views there are in existence of this structure. Maybe none until now. I am enjoying this. I never won any prizes for Stereo views – maybe I’ll enter this one !!

This is the stereo pair of views for parallel free-viewing (What is that? See on our London Stereoscopic Co site.

Freedom Tower from Soho House - parallel view
Freedom Tower from Soho House (parallel view)

and the crossed-eyes version for those who free-view the other way, with eyes toed-in.

Freedom Tower from Soho House (cross view)Freedom Tower from Soho House (cross view)
Freedom Tower from Soho House (cross view)

I took the photo from the roof garden of Soho House, where I was lunching, courtesy of my QUEEN colleague Roger Taylor, who is a member. Because of the movement of the clouds between my two exposures (about 20 feet apart), it looks in this stereo as if the Tower is enveloped by the clouds. I liked this effect.

We had just completed our audition process with the musicians we hope will make up our touring We Will Rock You band this year in the USA. They really are GREAT musicians. Matched with an amazing new young cast (more of that later), the show will be ALL class.

Here’s a close-up of the tower – sequential, and not perfect – but gives an impression of this dazzling piece of architecture. I was fascinated. The topmost piece was placed while were there – making the total height of the tower 1776 feet. Does that ring any bells to British people? It sure does to an American!

Again … for parallel viewing here …

Freedom Tower - parallel view
Freedom Tower (parallel view)

and for crossed-eyes viewing.

Freedom Tower - cross viewFreedom Tower (cross view)
Freedom Tower (cross view)

Cheers !


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