Resurrection – Mars Perseverance – Times Square


Thanks Giubusetto !!! No strings attached !!  The soundtrack is ‘Resurrection’ from my first solo album “Back to the Light” – ABOUT TO BE RE-RELEASED – watch this space…

My brilliant Astro-Stereo colleague Claudia Manzoni spotted this great illustration of the power of 3-D … assembling stereos from the data in the Mars Perseverance archive. Can YOU figure out, looking at the mono image here, what is going on here ? Look at those wheel tracks. Are you trying to figure out how the Perseverance Rover could have climbed this incline and not broken itself falling off the other end ? Well, it baffled me. But then look at the stereo image – first for parallel eyes, and then for cross-eyed viewing. Suddenly we get it – right ? Tell me what you see. Are you feeling grateful for stereopsis ? cheers folks.

Mars Perseverance incline mono 01

Credit : NASA/JPL Mars Perseverance mission / Mastcam-Z/ Jim Bell:


Mars Perseverance incline parallel 02:


Mars Perseverance incline cross 03


Mars Perseverance incline parallel 04


Mars Perseverance incline cross 05


Mars Perseverance incline anaglyph 06


– and to all you beautiful Amurrricans out there …. HAPPY FOURTH ! Enjoy your independence today !!!

But this was the most amazing thing for me this week. Queen in Times Square is something amazing. But …me ? MY long lost solo album – 29 years later ? I’m speechless and highly honoured. Thanks Sujata Murthy. And the UMe PR team – thanks Cathy Williams – thanks Sharrin Summers and Phil Symes. It’s a great kick off.

BTTL billboard_New York 01

BTTL billboard_New York 02

BTTL billboard New York 03BTTL billboard New York 01

– Bri