See your 3-D photos in Black + White Photography Magazine


3-D photos for B+W Photography Magazine

My own London Stereoscopic Company is working hard during lockdown to spread the word about HOME 3-D !! It stereoscopy as the Victorians named it. It’s EASIER THAN YOU THINK to make your own 3-D photos using a smart phone. Join us !! So here’s the RUBRIC !! (or the blurb, if you like ! Or, as my Dad would have said “here’s the GEN !”

As part of our lockdown stereoscopic 3-D photography mission, we’ve joined forces with Black+White Photography magazine (B+W) to invite you to capture, in 3-D (black and white), something that lifts your spirits during this uncertain time on Earth.

AND a selection of images will be chosen to feature on Black+White Photography magazine’s website on Monday 15th February.

To take part: If you don’t already have one, you will need to download a stereoscopic camera app, such as i3DSteroid for iPhone or 3DSteroid Pro for Android, then get snapping!

You may also want an OWL Stereoscopic Viewer, designed by Brian May, to check out your images in 3-D (unless you’re able to free view)

Please email your stereoscopic 3-D black and white images to by 12pm on Friday 12th February, together with your name, location and a brief sentence on why your photo brings you joy.