Badger Saturday


Big thanks to everyone who came to march with us in London today, Badger Saturday.

It was an amazing day. I was very moved, actually – never expected to see it happen on that scale – with thousands of committed, positively energised people of all ages, and from all walks of life as far as my eye could see, snaking down the streets of London, making an unforgettable noise!

Here is a copy of the letter I delivered to Number 10, and a snap of me on the doorstep.

There is definitely cause for optimism. The Government in theory has its license to kill on a huge scale, but the opera is not over.

Nor will it be, until we secure decent treatment for our wild animals.

I will get my speech notes together later this evening and we’ll post them.

Cheers all


Letter to Mr Cameron

Dear Mr Cameron

On behalf of Team Badger Thank you for allowing us to present this petition personally.  

We are asking you to step in and stop the Badger Cull for the following reasons.

    1. We believe it cannot possibly be humane to thousands of mostly healthy badgers.
    2. The whole scientific community is convinced that the cull cannot eradicate bTB in cattle, and will probably make things worse.
    3. It has now been shown that this plan will not even be cost-effective, and will actually lose the tax-payer money. In the light of this new evidence we feel that now would be a good time to pull back from this scheme in the public interest.

We offer our services not just to protect Britain’s wildlife, but also to work with the Government and the NFU towards a prioritised plan of vaccination of badgers and our national herd of cattle.


Brian May

Brian May presents petition at No 10 Downing Street
Bri delivering badger cull petition with 234,000 signatories. 1 June 2013
Photo: Gavin Sheppard
Anne Brummer, Virginia McKenna, Brian May, Robbie Marsland
Anne Brummer (CEO of Save-Me), Virginia McKenna (Founder of Born Free), Brian,
Robbie Marsland (CEO of IFAW UK)
at number 10, Downing Street. Photo by Gavin Sheppard