Diableries ! and thoughts of the Devil


Diableries book - first advance copy

Trying to contain my excitement at holding the first advance copies of the Diableries book in my hand today, in Traverse City Michigan, where we’ll be presenting it to the National Stereoscopic Association for the first time. It’s a welcome distraction from the grim events in Britain – that well-known land of animal lovers.

It’s more and more important, of course, to alert everyone to the tragedy unfolding for our wildlife – and get them to sign the petition on TeamBadger.org. Watching democracy at work this week has been a depressing experience – but the fight for the right of our wildlife to live will go on – and in the end, we will bring about the change that decency requires.

Cheers all – and thanks to all of you who continue to fight with us, against what one can only regard as EVIL – the evil that results from a lack of ethical intelligence.

Yep – the Devil, as portrayed so wittily in those French stereo cards of the 1860s, is alive and well – and must be enjoying the antics of Huntin’/Shootin’/Cullin’ fraternity.

But his laughter is hollow, and will be short-lived. We are on his tail.


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