The eve of the Acoustic By Candlelight Born Free Tour



Brian and Kerry Candles CD cover

(And the first copies of the live CD have arrived yesterday! hooray! We’re very happy with this record. We’ll have it exclusively available for sale on this tour ahead of the iTunes download.)

Well, we’re ready! Rehearsals yesterday were great – the whole team assembled for the first time.

As before, it’s just me and Kerry with an occasional sprinkling of Fairy Dust from the brilliant Jeff Leach on keys … my God – that man has magic in his fingers!

I’ve been working on my fingers too, toughening them up, and also polishing our very ‘spacious’ arrangements. We have a couple of new songs or three, too … and the set will feel quite a bit different, with some different choices that we’ve made. There will be a bit more electric guitar than last time, and I’m also doing a bit more singing (yes, against all advice!! ha ha).

Kerry will surprise and amaze – she’s becoming more and more or the virtuoso, in a good way. Her delivery is never showy or over-egged. She just gets more and more powerful as an interpreter. And she’s utterly dedicated – she hasn’t stopped working since the last time we toured.

First date is Oxford Evangelist Church – which was a last-minute addition to the tour, to kick us off. We promise that no matter what the size of the gig, we will be in close communication with our audience! The intimate style of concert-making has given us a lot of inspiration – more and more I’m loving delving into the very heart of songs, whether my own or other people’s, and finding the ‘essence’. For me, it’s like going back to my beginnings, because, unlike most of today’s musicians, I first learned guitar as an accompanying instrument. The art of Rhythm Guitar has not been topical in recent years, but, approached properly, the acoustic guitar in particular can fulfil the function of a whole orchestra. It’s a perfect companion to a vocal, and gives the performance infinite flexibility. Doing it this way also gives that wonderful instrument of Kerry’s the maximum chance to be heard without clutter. I’m thrilled to be out there doing it again, and we both hope you will enjoy this further expedition under candlelight.

See ya out there !

Candlelight CD sleeve

The ABC CD. Hot from Press! Lovely!


ABC cover


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