The “V” Words


Vaccination, Vegans, and others.

I’m not a Vegan myself (though the day that first ‘legal’ shot is fired against a badger I will find it harder not to be).

I still enjoy milk on my Shreddies, and you’ll notice that neither I nor the RSPCA or IFAW have been calling for a boycott on Dairy Products. We’d like to find a solution to bovine TB that benefits Badgers, Cows AND farmers. We believe the solutions all begin with “V”, but the mindset of vengeance against the poor scapegoat badgers seems very hard to break through.

In the meantime it seems fair that people should be able to make a choice as to how the food they eat is sourced. So I am seeing more and more calls from many animal-aware people, vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters too, for help in knowing whether what they consume comes from an area where badger culling is being practised. As time goes by, we will try to help answer those questions.