A quick Queen/Lambert poll on twitter


I just did a quick ask on Twitter as to which songs people would like to see ADAM sing with us next week in Las Vegas.

Interesting. Of course this is possibly a bit skewed by the fact that it’s more my followers, but loads of Adam followers and Roger fanatics seem to have jumped in.

The results – from about 600 tweets, are quite suprising.

Way out in front “Who Wants to Live Forever” at about 20% of the votes. They all loved how Adam did it last time.

Then “The Show Must Go On” – about 10% of the total votes. Again, they’ve seen it on TV with Adam crushing it …

Then “Killer Queen”, ” Another One Bites the Dust”, “We Are the Champions”, “Under Pressure”, all at about 6%.

Then “Dragon Attack”, “Somebody to Love”, “I Want to Break Free”, “Radio Gaga”, “We Will Rock You”, “I Want It All”, “Fat Bottom Girls”.

It’s interesting to notice the songs that aren’t in there in the top 10 – Crazy Little Thing, You’re My Best Friend, BO RAP ? !!!! – but the question was “What would you like to see ADAM sing ?” – not “What’s your favourite Queen song?”. And this is fans and followers, not the greater TV-Watching, Radio-listening public. Their ideas might be different.

And of course, this is what people THINK they’d like. They might in the event love something completely different, if we make a great job of it !!

Notably, quite a few people wanted to see David Bowie perform with us, and about the same number asked for us to perform an Adam song too. —-

I’ll be talking with Roger and Adam over the next few days.
Please feel free, all you great Soapbox readers, to make suggestions.
I might not be able to reply to them all,
but I promise I’ll see ’em !



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