Suggestions for songs with Adam


Hi folks

I’ve just been looking through the very thoughtful song suggestions that you all sent in about our imminent set with Adam Lambert in Las Vegas.

I enjoyed that quick flutter on Twitter when I first brought up the subject, and I know many of you contributed to that too. Its quite exhilarating when hundreds of messages start piling in ! But this is something a little different, and reminds me that the old Soapbox is still best ! I can see that so much thought and wisdom has gone into your messages, and I just wanted to say thank you. Wish I could reply to them all individually, but maybe Jen can paste them up somewhere, because they bring up interesting views of the Queen ouvre. And it all goes in ! I think I’ve learned a lot from reading them. I suppose it all reminds me how enormous the possibilities are with respect to Queen material. Of course these days, without Freddie (and essentially without John), it has been hard to realise that potential in a format which really works, and has the capacity to endure. I also always question whether we can call it Queen ! But it’s hard to figure what we’d call it otherwise !

We’ll be having a good old think in the next few days, and I also know that, once we’re all in the rehearsal room kicking ideas around, things will happen.

Remember … What happens in Vegas never stays in Vegas. Oh .. did I get that wrong ?

I’m packing.

Polish Arena

Here’s Queen & Adam last time out. Some little gig we did some place !