Here’s a nice preview of Comet Ison – approaching now


Yes, I did my stereo thing on it … enjoy, if you’re into stereo astro stuff.

The original image can be seen at

… and very fine it is too.

Comet ISON

Comet ISON is still approaching the Sun, and is now inside the orbit of Mars. It’s not bright yet … around Magnitude 8, it’s an object for decent binoculars or a small telescope, in the early hours of the morning before dawn. It’ll be getting gradually brighter (we think !) over the next few weeks, but when it gets close to the Sun it’ll be difficult to see because of the Sun’s glare. After that, we can hope that exposure to the Sun’s radiation will have kicked it into full ‘Great Comet’ mode, with a bright tail or two visible to the naked eye. Nobody can promise that, though. We might just be lucky. Or we might not !

Meanwhile let’s enjoy this comet through the eyes of some really good astrophotographers !!