Breakfast TV …. imminently !!!


For those of you who are up at 7.40 AM tomorrow morning (Friday) … you can see me on BREAKFAST TV arguing the case for vaccination of badgers – rather than killing them. Tonight, there are some hot new revelations on the results of the pilot badger culls last year.

See you then. I will do my best in the 5 minutes that will probably be allotted ! I will be in a tiny room in BBC TV centre in Portland Place, looking at an unmanned camera (very impersonal!) and listening to the presenters in Manchester via a small speaker or earphone. I will also be pitted against a pro-cull farmer and a pro-cull large mammal (farming) vet, who will be sitting on a sofa in Manchester.

Wish me luck !

One thing I will promise. I will speak the truth, and nothing but the truth as I know it.