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Please support the Badger & Wren song, by Linda Lamon, written and recorede in aid of Brian May’s BACVI fund.

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The Badger and the Wren (Creatures Of The Wood)
by Linda Lamon.


The Badger and the Wren



The UK badger population is under threat as Bovine TB spreads, affecting cattle herds across the country. A vaccine to protect cows will not be available for over two years.

Voluntary badger vaccination groups have formed to provide an alternative to culling, which is the government’s preferred way of dealing with this devastating disease, despite scientific evidence and a government report that says it has proved to be ineffective.

Volunteers are currently working through the night in all weathers with no payment other than the satisfaction that they are helping to save our beloved creatures. They need funds for badger vaccine, equipment and transport. You can help by downloading this song from Amazon.

With huge thanks to all who have helped with this song and video, including Martin Hall Kenny, Lynton Guest, The DBBW group and the Dorset Badger Vaccination Project.



With the government planning to continue the controversial badger cull in Somerset and Gloucestershire, a song is being released to support voluntary vaccination projects as an alternative to shooting Britain’s native creatures.

The Badger & The Wren, written by Linda Lamon, who also penned the New Woodland Song for Dr Brian May’s woodland project in Dorset, is being made available as a digital download on Amazon, with all proceeds going to the Badger and Bovine Vaccination Initiative fund, (BACVI) headed by Dr May.

Volunteers in the UK are currently successfully vaccinating badgers in the wild to help protect them against bTB, which is affecting cattle herds across the country.

With a bTB vaccine not available for cows for at least another two years, the government have announced that they are now committed to funding the vaccination of badgers – but only on the outskirts of ‘hot spots’. Organisations involved in the welfare of badgers believe this will not be enough to keep the problem of bTB at bay and oppose the planned culling.

Areas such as Dorset, Somerset and Gloucestershire are designated hot spots and voluntary groups have now set up their own vaccination projects to inoculate the badgers in these zones.

The Dorset Badger And Bovine Welfare group and Dr May’s Save Me charity are both supporting Linda’s song, which was recorded in Dorset with the help of musicians Martin Hall-Kenny and former Love Affair keyboard player Lynton Guest.

“I was inspired to write the piece after reading all the evidence about the badger cull. I believe vaccination is the way forward. Drastically reducing our badger population is not going to make this terrible disease disappear.” Linda said.

The chorus includes the words: We are creatures of the wood – At one with the earth – Natures friends, greatly loved – Born free to know our worth.