Press Release: Vaccination Seminar


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13 September 2013

We would like to advise you of a forthcoming seminar at ZSL London Zoo., entitled Vaccination in the control of Bovine TB. It will be held on October 3rd.

Chairing on the day will be Jon Snow and Professor David McDonald.

The one-day event, with speakers who are leading experts from academic, government and charitable organisations, will explore the principles behind vaccination and practical use in the field.

Principal topics will include:
– How vaccines work at the individual and population levels.
– Recent uses of vaccination for disease control and elimination in wild and domestic animals.
– Practical low cost deployment of injected badger vaccination.
– Development of oral badger vaccines.
– Current status and prospects for cattle vaccination against Bovine TB.
– Followed by discussion and debate with a panel drawn from the main speakers and other experts.
Programme and registration here.

Dave Williams – Chairman