Our Country Is Rotten


Some of you are wondering why, on the day that the appalling atrocities of Cameron’s botched badger cull resumed with no monitoring allowed, I had my picture taken on the street yesterday with those NHS protesters. It’s all about a rather sinister organisation called Care UK. And it all links up. 

It’s best if I give you the explanation that my friend Marcus Chown has given me. The incredible fact is that the NHS is being sold off under our very noses … part of the whiff of corruption that surrounds this Government like a black cloud. If you find this incredible, check out the references at the bottom. We are in a truly terrible state in Britain. Our country is rotten to the core. With Scotland about to save itself and get the government it wants (and it’s hard to blame them) – the fundamental rottenness of our present administration will become purely England’s problem. A crisis is looming. And at the end of it there has to be a way that England can rebuild from the bottom up. We need radical reform, and it has to begin with Privilege being swept away. 

Here is what Marcus Chown says … 

Care UK funded health minister Andrew Lansley’s office. Lansley forced through the 2012 Health & Social Care Act, which removed the government’s “duty to provide” healthcare to you and your family enables the gradual dismantling of the NHS. Care UK has since received huge NHS contracts. Not only that but Care UK is owned by Bridgepoint. Chris Patten, the outgoing chairman of the BBC Trust, has direct links to Bridgepoint. Could this have anything to do with why the BBC has failed to cover a story which affects 60 million men, women and children in the UK: the dismantling by stealth of the NHS in England?

The corruption of this government knows no bounds.

How ironic that a private company that exists to make a profit – that is, ‘We care only if we can make money out of the NHS’ – calls itself “Care UK”. That doesn’t fit my definition of the word ‘caring’


Andrew Lansley bankrolled by private healthcare provider – Daily Telegraph

Fury as Tory party donors are handed NHS contracts worth £1.5BILLION under health reforms – Mirror

BBC chief Lord Patten of Barnes, Bridgepoint and the Conflicts of Interesthttp://socialinvestigations.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/lord-patten-of-barnes-bridgepoint-and.html


I’m not enjoying writing any of this. I feel a terrible storm coming. But perhaps it will sweep England free of the corrupt net that is strangling it at the moment.