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Brian on YouTube

Brian on YouTube

Hi folks. Those of you who’ve been tweeting with me last night! might have seen some experimental videos I’ve just put up on youTube.


I find that when I’m insanely busy (like, mostly!) I’m incapable of communicating on a grand sale AT ALL.

When I’m only ridiculously busy, I will occasionally tweet up a small storm. But usually the tweets will relate to something on Bri’s Soapbox, my ancient place of oration, if you can call it that. The place where I have been standing up and shouting since before the word ‘Blog’ was in the English language.

And when I have a relatively sane moment, I will write in depth on the Soapbox.

Well, I’m about to add to that. The new wing of the Soapbox will be spoken – using voice. The Soapbox will still absolutely be the hub for those of you who have been visiting all this time, but I’m hoping to enrich it and make it more potent in the coming months, by engaging orally, face to face. I’m not saying this will happen all the time – not yet, anyway – but I believe it will be a helpful option, as we head into a New Year, in which important decisions will be made, for all of us, but not BY all of us, if you see what I mean. I want to speak to you, for real.

My brand new YOUTUBE channel has been in the planning stage for the last few months, and will finally launch on January 2nd. We’re tweaking it right now. Those new LSC films are up on the Queen Rare Share just temporarily. The Brian May Channel will eventually be the place to go to view EVERYTHING I’m involved in outside Queen. It will have sections devoted to my Solo Music in high quality video for the first time, London Stereoscopic Company activity, including Diableries, Poor Man’s Picture Gallery, etc, Astronomical activities such as Starmus and Asteroid Day, and Animal Welfare issues, which will come with a growing political component (although I shall remain politically non-aligned). And more, including Guitar stuff, like the new Red Special book. In fact it will communicate, for those who feel at home on YouTube, ALL my interests and pursuits. But the completely new element, which I hope will drive it all, will be a section called Brian Talks. This will be the sister to Bri’s Soapbox – and hopefully the two will work completely in harmony.

Those 5 new small vids on LSC products are just up there on Rare Share for us to test our technique and observe how it works. So please do give us some feedback if you feel inspired to do so. They can be found here (again, only for now – in January they will move to the new channel).

The OWL and Stereoscopy
A Village Lost and Found
The Poor Man’s Picture Gallery
The Owl’s Nest Collectors Boxes

Tell me ! Please comment. I’m not too proud to take advice – this is all new for me. We’ll keep you informed right here. The Soapbox will continue to be my HOME !!!

Cheers !

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