Frankfurt Festhalle selfie experience (with sound check)


The Festhalle is a venue of exceptional beauty and historical significance. It’s also legendary amongst us, Queen, for being one of the most consistently high-energy steamy gigs on any tour. Tonight [7 February 2015] it did not let us down. For clapping and stamping in impeccable rhythm, and universally committed singing, the denizens of this place cannot be beat !

This time, for the Selfie Experience, we’re showing (in 3-D, of course) the sound check practice video as well as the show moment.

It’s interesting to see this massive and uniquely sculpted auditorium almost entirely empty in the afternoon, while we test all the technical paraphernalia of the show, and then see it packed to the rafters at night with one of the greatest audiences known to Man !

THANKS FRANKFURT ! EI GOODE WIE ? ? ? Til next time.

Cheers !

Selfie Stick Video (with SOUNDCHECK) – FRANKFURT Festhalle [February 7, 2015] – Brian May

Frankfurt soundcheck
During sound check

Selfie Frankfurt