Press Announcement: Brian May and Save Me Trust


We are pleased to see the Labour Party once again taking a firm position on animal welfare. We’re confident these issues are high in the priorities of many voters. Under the present regime, British wildlife is severely persecuted and declining in all areas due to many factors, all of which are man-made. Until we begin to respect Nature and our planet’s needs, we will continue to see the decline of populations precious in their own right, and vital to our own health and existence. Business interests must no longer be the driving force in decision-making for the countryside. The very existence of our unique flora and fauna is in the hands of our Government. At present there is no minister representing wildlife – only the commercial interests which are essentially at war with what remains of our wildlife. The last five years have shown more than a 50% decline in our farmland birds. We must not allow this irreversible destruction to continue.

1) Defending the Hunting Act which the Tories plan to repeal

The Hunting Act has been in existence for 10 years now, with none of the resulting ill effects on the ‘hunting economy’ that were predicted when the Act came into force. In fact many hunts that are legitimately humane are now flourishing. Despite the bullying of organisations like the Countryside Alliance these new, modern hunts have adapted to the demands of decency. We, as Save-Me, are now working closely with several of these hunts that have disassociated themselves from cruelty. Having changed from blood hunting to true drag hunting, they reject the idea of attempting to repeal the Act, which is there to protect wild animals from unnecessary suffering. As a result, they have seen an increase in their followers. Labour has led the way on the Hunting Act, and their continued commitment speaks for itself. We must not be plunged back into the Dark Ages by outdated barbaric traditions; decent people do not want to see a return to sadistic sports in the countryside.

2) Banning the cruel practice of wild animals in circuses

We congratulate Labour on committing to this ban. The present Government has shamefully pandered to vested interests, and refused to ban this heinous activity, putting us behind most other countries in animal welfare achievements.

3) Ending the Government’s ineffective and inhumane badger culls

We, as Save-Me, and, in cooperation with all major British Animal Welfare campaigns as Team Badger, have spent three years campaigning against this murderous shambles of a policy. Badger culling has failed on every level, as was predicted by all independent scientists in the field. The culling policy was created out of ignorance, arrogance, and dirty promises, and has no credible role in the fight against bovine TB. We applaud Labour for their scientific and humane stance on this issue.

4) Improving the welfare of dogs and cats by reviewing ineffective regulation of their breeding and sale

It is essential we protect the voiceless and vulnerable animals with which we share our lives. The ugly pet industry has become completely corrupted by money-making, and conditions on puppy farms have been exposed as cruel beyond belief. Labour have now pledged to lead the way with man’s best friends. Puppies must never be sold without their parents being present. As animal lovers and unwilling first-hand witnesses of so much cruelty, we, as Save-Me, are delighted to see this continued commitment to reform.

5) Tackling wildlife crime and reducing animal cruelty on shooting estates

The shooting industry has grown out of control and is devoid of humanity. Its practice kills badgers, foxes, stoats, weasels, owls and endangered birds of prey without any regard for cruelty, damage to our ecosystems, and the impoverishment of the land they profess to protect. Shooting estates create the notorious birds sinks recorded by the RSPB, where all raptors just disappear, inhumanely removed. We support and applaud Labour in their pledge to investigate these appalling wildlife crimes.

6) Leading the fight against global animal cruelty

The links between illegal wildlife crime and nationwide organised crime are beyond any doubt now, and, for the sake of all wild animals, we need to put all efforts into the fight against this savagery. Many animals are disappearing right now from our planet – slow lorises and pangolins that now constitute 20% of the illegal wildlife trade are being threatened with extinction. We applaud Labour for taking the first extinction. We applaud Labour for taking the first committed step towards ending this appalling activity.

Signed: Brian May
and Anne Brummer, CEO, Save Me Trust


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CEO, Save Me Trust
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