Fleur du Jour – Mr Easter Bunny’s Egg Hunt – Blue On Black – and – Fox Cubs


Daffodil - mono

Haven’t posted a Fleur du Jour for ages. Gotta love a daffodil ! Time to forget our woes and celebrate Spring !! Happy Springtime, folks !

Yes, Freddie once said he was as gay as one of these !! And years later, 1001 of them helped him to go slightly mad !

And … in stereo. 3-D. This is the parallel view, for those who like to stare ‘through’ the image and relax their eye axes.

Daffodil - stereo

See below for the crossed eyes version, for those who prefer to free-view this way – which can be helped by focusing on your finger between you and the phone, and moving it back and forth until the 3-D image ‘clicks’. For more details please check out LondonStereo.com.

Daffodil - stereo 02

First Rhododendron in my garden. In IG stereo 3-D. I’m lucky – much of what is in my garden was planted by an eminent Victorian plant explorer – Sir Joseph Hooker. Many of these beauties are hybrids – progeny of the specimens he brought back from Nepal and existing Rhodos already growing in Surrey. I’m thankful for once not to be away on tour at this time of the year, so I can enjoy these glorious blooms. Enjoy this with me ! We can never take it for granted that we will see another Spring. Again, swipe for the crossed-eye view.

Rhododendron - stereo

Rhododendron - stereo 02

And in Mono. Early Rhododendron in wondrous bloom.

Rhododendron - mono

Hi ! You might laugh … but our Mr Easter Bunny’s Egg Hunt will be somethin’ to remember !!! Happy Easter dear folks !!!

Bri - Mr Easter Bunny Egg Hunt

Happy to see this track is generating so much excitement. And for a great cause – America’s first responders and their families. @5fdp these guys absolutely rock – honoured to be on there as a guest ! Wanna see the full video ? I’m gonna put it as the only link in my bio. I THINK I can manage that !!! 

FFDP BWW article

I’ve seen the light. Have a Good Friday.


Make a Date with Anne at SaveMe and a family of adorable fox cubs tomorrow !!!




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