Sheffield – End of amazing tour – made us feel loved – we had a ball + selfie moment


A fitting final show ! We had a great time tonight in a gloriously crowded house in Sheffield. The selfie stick moment was this time – it actually looked like a Mexican Wave from where I was standing – and I had to move to try to keep up with it, without making the pan too fast for faces to be clear. I gotta say that this great world metal capital city crowd did not disappoint, and I felt we delivered at pretty much optimum level.

The end of the tour is a strange moment for us … we all need time to recharge, and reclaim our home lives, but the moment when the last chord ends brings a strange mixture of emotions. It’s been a wonderful team on this tour … both on stage and off, on stage and backstage – a kind of touring army with great skills, more dedication than could be asked, and immense camaraderie. We will all wake up in the morning and feel a pang of sadness that it’s over. Well, come September, we are hoping to reconvene, and gear up for a return to the monumental Rock in Rio stage, 30 years after we launched it (with Freddie and John of course) in the Good ‘ol Days. Well, as Roger’s excellent song reminds us … THESE are the Good ol’ Days too … and we all feel ‘thankful, grateful and blessed’ … and, right now (after an excellent celebration on the plane ride home!), in need of some sleep !

Good night folks, and thanks to ALL of you who sang and cheered and laughed and cried on this amazing tour. And made us feel loved !

We had a ball.



SHEFFIELD The last SELFIE STICK VIDEO (mono version.) Thanks folks – it’s been so much fun.


Selfie Stick Video – SHEFFIELD arena [February 27, 2015] – Brian May