Wembley – Our return to London (+ selfie video)


This is the selfie stick video from our return to London after about 5 weeks on tour in Europe …

Selfie Stick Video – LONDON Wembley SSE arena [February 24, 2015] – Brian May

And of course Wembley Arena is a place which figures a lot in our (Queen) history.  So many times we played here in the Old Days.  I never did figure out why, when they did restoration works on it a few years ago, they didn’t make it into a proper elliptical arena, instead of leaving the back corner seats facing inwards in a kind of unwieldy rectangle.  I hope you guys in those seats were able to see and hear properly tonight.   Well, you all LOOK great in the Video !  And it felt like a great gig in terms of contact.  

It wasn’t the easiest night for me … for reasons to do with playing ‘at home’ – which can be stressful.  And I felt I was less than 100 per cent focussed, no matter how hard I concentrated.  But I believe it was a really good night – I’m happy to see the great comments coming in.  And of course the selfie stick moment was fun !   For you too, I hope.   

I hope you can see yourself – make sure you select the highest resolution, using the ‘gear wheel’ icon at the bottom right of the frame.  

Cheers !


Wembley arena

Wembley arena

Wembley arena

Wembley arena

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