Secret location in London suburb – Kerry Ellis ‘What Must Be Done’


At a secret location in a London suburb … precision works are in progress !!! QAL is in music rehearsal mode – prior to production rehearsals next week – prior to ….. THE LONG AWAITED TOUR ! kicking off in BELFAST on the 27th inst !!!! Yeeeaaaay !!!

Brian May: At a secret location in London – 16 May 2022

Yes lots of stuff here. Everything is very under control here in rehearsals as you can see. Marvellous. Rehearsing for Queen and Adam Lambert tour. Who would have thought it.

My incredible pal Kerry Ellis – “What Must be Done” – new single and vid from a new musical – LADY M – check it out at @kerryellis79 – Kerry currently smashing it around the UK in Anything Goes” —- go see !!!