I have a question, on Day 3 of our Common Decency Campaign


David Cameron is treating the coming election as a straight fight between the Conservative Party and the Labour Party. He is already littering the landscape with distasteful posters attacking the opposition, rather than informing us of his plans.

So if it’s a fight, surely, in the name of Common Decency it ought to be a fair fight. Right ?

But Cameron has at his disposal nearly three times as much money to spend on his campaign than Labour. He has three times as much to buy propaganda which, as we have already seen, does not seem to have the requirement of being truthful (the claim that he has ‘halved’ the National Debt, for instance). The money for the Conservatives has been provided by many of the obscenely, unfairly rich people in this country, as a way of them buying the kind of special treatment that enables them to stay obscenely rich. It’s dirty money.

How can any of this possibly be fair ? How can it possibly be democratic ?

Are we really going to stand for this gross indecency ? This fact alone is reason enough for Britain to rise up and DEMAND fairness in the run-up to this election. And vote accordingly. Or, truly, democracy is dead in our country. Perhaps David Cameron can be asked to explain how he can live with himself, continuing on this demonstrably unfair course ?


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