Look what is happening in the USA – a People’s Budget



Here’s what is afoot across the Atlantic. Maybe it could happen here, too

Member of Congress’s Progressive Caucus are introducing the People’s Budget this month. It does exactly what it sounds like: prioritizes real people over the corporate interests that dominate Washington.

Will you click here to become a citizen cosponsor of the Peoples Budget? It’ll just take a second, and will help send a signal to Washington that they need to work for the good of everybody — not just the wealthy.

Americans consistently list jobs, the economy, education and Social Security when asked about their top priorities. The People’s Budget heeds these calls by making investments that will create 8 million good jobs, give a raise to working families and support critical services we all depend on.

This budget reflects the priorities of the American people.

At a time of extreme inequality and limited opportunities, this budget makes sure that the rich and corporations pay their fair share of taxes, while making investments vital to our future—in Pre-K and debt-free college, in infrastructure, in renewable energy and more.

Separate from the federal budget, the People’s Budget endorses the expansion of Social Security benefits by requiring the very wealthiest Americans to pay into Social Security at the same rates as everyone else. Expanded Social Security offers a solution to a looming retirement crisis more and more seniors face.

The People’s Budget includes numerous provisions to address the persistent racially based inequality our country faces and, if implemented, would provide stronger paths to equity for communities of color.

Congress won’t want to pass the People’s Budget, because it conflicts with the interests of the campaign donor class. And that’s exactly why it’s so important that we show our support for it.

Become a citizen co-sponsor of the People’s Budget and we will deliver your signatures to Congress in support of a plan that puts working families first.


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