Friday Notes – Common Decency


Bri outside Parliament - on soapbox

Ha ! We made it into the election photo round up of the day on the BBC !

And I finally got to stand on a real Soapbox ! (as opposed to my time-honoured virtual one)

Peter Egan, Brian May, Marc Abraham
Peter Egan, Brian May, Marc Abraham
Speaking at Lush
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Promises that cannot be kept.

23 April 2015
Whichever party spouts it, talk of the NHS budget being ring-fenced is a complete fallacy.

GUARDIAN – Speaks for itself.

From the Guardian - no way

Join us at Common Decency – let’s swarm all around the ‘safe seats’ as well as the marginals & make every vote count.

Ladies ! Gals ! Join us at and make your vote count !

Ladies your vote matters

GIVE US YOUR FEEDBACK ! Tell us who is decent in YOUR manor.

Give us your feedback

Probably my favourite pic on our Common Decency campaign tour. Great students in Bristol Wednesday.

Great students in Bristol Wednesday