A story about buying some tickets to see Queen


 [In reply to an amazing letter !! … PLEASE SEE LETTERS]

Dear Adriana

Thanks for writing to me. That’s an amazing story. I read it all, and felt your excitement and nervousness, and it’s affected me deeply.

You are a very good writer, conveying your emotions so powerfully. Well, I am very happy that the story has a good ending. I also hope that we will be worthy of all your devotion. We will be working hard to make sure that the show is at the highest level we can make it. And, yes, Freddie is always very much with us, and will be very evident in the show that you will see, God willing!

I have been at home for the last few weeks, working very hard to try to make our country a more decent and compassionate place. Unfortunately, in the election results it’s apparent that I and my friends failed miserably.

So, reading a message like that one you just sent me is a sharp reminder of what I am, and what we worked so hard to create over all those years. It reminds me that there are good people out there who grew up with us and our music, and we still have the privilege of being able to play to them in person, live and dangerous!

So, my thanks to you, and I look forward to the fulfilment of the moment that we have in mind. I hope it will be a great one. Lots of love, and wishing you joy in your life.


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