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Brian Talks - Give Wild Animals A Voice

Brian May here…

A new Brian Talks Vid ! About Wildlife … this will accompany the Racing Extinction film. It seems that for wildlife around the planet the candle is about to burn out. Everywhere wildlife is under threat. But animal welfare isn’t just about conservation in Africa or India. Treating animals decently starts right here at home and it’s really all about the right of every individual animal to a decent life and a decent death and to dignity and to be able to bring the children up in peace.

We are Save-Me, working to give care where it’s needed, but also to give wild animals a voice.

Surely every animal deserves to be wild and to be free of persecution. Join us. Help us to make a future in which every creature’s voice is heard.

Save Me – Give Wild Animals A Voice


Dinner with Hew Horizons Team

“Alan Stern wrote  (29 November): “Dinner in London@last@night with New Horizons team collaborator Brian May.”

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