(Teaser Alert] – Save the Wolves


Hey folks !

I wonder how many of you remember this album coming out. It was almost 30 years ago. And until now it has never had a presence in the 21st century. Well, tomorrow that all changes. Tomorrow BACK TO THE LIGHT is reborn !!! ! All shiny and new, and calling out to a new generation. The announcement is scheduled for 2pm British Summer Time tomorrow, but listen carefully (shssssh … whispering now).

At 1.45pm I’ll be putting up a special opportunity for you folks right here, a moment when you can get first shot at securing a limited edition. See you there !

Bri with Back to the Light original vinyl album

Please, if it’s in your power, dear folks, make sure my personal plea gets through to President Biden.


Action Alert - Save the Wolves

The world is watching. The very future of the existence of these magnificent creatures is now threatened. You, a Heaven-sent DECENT president, can save them at a stroke. We are asking you for absolute protection for wolves in the USA before it’s too late.

Thank you.

Bri and The Save-Me Trust.