Off to the West Country


Morning thing

What IS this 'Morning' thing ?

Off to the West Country.

Nice 'Last Quarter' Moon up there. Well, that's what astronomers call it. Can't help thinking the layman got it right calling this a 'Half Moon'. Because when the Moon's 'full' we're seeing twice the illuminated area, right ? And two halves make a whole. What do two Quarters make ? See what I mean ? I think I'll write to the International Astronomical Union to complain. No - maybe I won't bother.

Half Moon, anyone ?


Hazel CoppiceHazel coppice somewhere in .. Dorset.

Lovely English landscape. And sunshine - hurrah !

Somerset sunsetSunset in Somerset.

On a forestry mission today. Badgers all beautifully healthy here. Of course ! - no cattle nearby.

Somerset sunset - stereoSomerset Sunset tonite - in stereo.

Skies ablazeThe skies were ablaze tonight. Inspiring.