Just the joy of being above the clouds…


When we first flew on tour many years ago, I always looked around at people reading their newspapers as we took off. And wondered if I would ever get like that – oblivious to the amazing thing happening as the wheels lifted off the runway. Well, I never did get like that.

It has always felt like a magic gift to me – to zoom up into the sky, to look out of the window and see clouds below, and all the petty squabbles of humans down below them, out of sight and out of mind. Now after those 2 years of deprivation due to Covid 19 this seems more delicious than ever.

Yes – I know there are those that will chastise me for flying at all. Because of my carbon footprint ? But to me there always has to be moderation and awareness. In every case I would evaluate what benefits are accrued and at what cost.

In my humble opinion the sight and sound of 18,000 happy people when we play a show, in person, totally live and dangerous, justifies me getting on a plane. Because there is no way we could do a tour like this, of many cities in many countries, without an aeroplane.

Conscious of the plight of the planet, we’ve taken many steps in other areas to minimise our carbon footprint. But I feel it’s the right thing for us to be here right now. The world needs some cohesion – some shared joy – some reason to smile amidst all the depressing things happening around us. Some ROCK AND ROLL !!!

Hallo BERLIN !!!! Fertig ??  [correction: bereit]