Last chance to breathe


Hi folks !

This is me reminding myself…

This is me reminding myself that at least some of the natural world still thrives, though everywhere there is evidence that with the relentless encroachment of Man, Nature is losing the battle. I find it hard to avoid the thought that Humans are a plague on this beautiful blue planet


Bri reflecting - selfie

Magic explained ? Is that a good thing ? !!

Brian May different kind of magic Pt 2 10/06/2019

Well, this is my last chance to breathe before that big machine starts its wheels moving. Most people probably don’t realise how much energy a big tour demands. And as soon as that button is pressed, it’s goodbye to your family and friends, and animals, and home – in this case for a solid 2 months. That never gets easy.

Lord knows we don’t need the money. And we sure don’t need any more fame. So why ? Why do it I guess we must love it !!!